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Property Management

JA Property Management focuses on an ownership-driven perspective with all of our property management decisions. Our management goal is to maximize value by taking care of the tenants, improving revenue streams, and minimizing unnecessary expenses. We are committed to our clients to ensure their investments are managed efficiently, which leads to higher returns.

Quality Management

Having the correct team in place managing your investment property is crucial for it to be successful. At JA Property Management, we can manage every part of the investment experience; from acquisition to rehab to management. This allows our investors and owners to focus on their investment goals instead of having to manage themselves. 

Tenant Relations

To reduce the risk in a property, we attract and retain high quality tenants. We value each tenant as an individual, not just a person paying their rent. Communication and followup is key for us to have a solid relationship with the tenant. We make sure we respond in a timely manner to all requests and work to exceed expectations. In turn this should reduce turnover expenses and keep more satisfied tenants resulting them staying around for the years to come.

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