Investments & Acquisitions

Are you looking for a new investment opportunity, or have one but just need help in the process? Maybe you are an owner of a business or real estate and ready to retire. JA Companies seeks a variety of real estate investments from residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial properties. We strategize through extensive analysis of each investment and provide in-depth asset management and operational control. Another avenue of investments we explore is existing businesses such as car washes, storage units, and more.

Investor Network

JA Companies works with a network of investors to acquire assets. Focusing on investments with strong cash on cash returns and risk adjusted appreciation. Our range of services allows us to control the operations and strategy. We offer investors the opportunity to partner on an investment deal. Once the investor(s) are determined a partnership is formed to hold and operate the investment with JA Companies as the managing partner.

We want to take the hassle of managing an investment off of the investors hands making them a true investor.